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This NSF-CBMS conference will feature Prof. David Colton of University of Delaware as the distinguished lecturer who will deliver ten lectures on Inverse Scattering and Transmission Eigenvalues. Prof. Colton is known to be an inspiring lecturer and he has given numerous lectures in the United States and abroad. He has the talent of making his topics accessible to beginners, motivating the audience, and attracting new researchers into the field. Prof. Colton, along with his colleagues Peter Monk and Andreas Kirsch, introduced the topic of transmission eigenvalues into the field of inverse scattering theory.

Prof. Colton received his Ph.D. in mathematics under the supervision of Arthur Erdélyi in 1967 and his Doctor of Science degree in 1977 both from University of Edinburgh. He has been a professor of mathematics at University of Delaware since 1978, holding the title of Unidel Professor since 1996. Before arriving at Delaware in 1978, he was a faculty member at Indiana University during 1967-1975 and he also served as a professor at University of Strathclyde during 1975-1978.

Prof. Colton's primary research area is scattering and inverse scattering problems. He is one of the leading senior researchers in the field of acoustic and electromagnetic scattering and inverse scattering. He is well known for his many publications including several books. His book co-authored with Prof. R. Kress, Inverse acoustic and electromagnetic scattering theory, now in its third edition, has been used by many graduate students, post-doctoral associates, and both beginning and advanced researchers to learn the subject. Prof. Colton has directed eleven Ph.D. students and sponsored seven post-doctoral associates. He serves on the editorial board of the journal Inverse Problems. He is also in the Advisory Board of the Finnish Inverse Problems Society and also in the Springer-Verlag books series on Interaction of Mechanics and Mathematics. He has 6 published books and over 160 research articles appearing in various journals. He has given many invited talks in many conferences in the U.S. and abroad. A recent conference, The International Conference on Novel Directions in Inverse Scattering, honoring Prof. Colton took place during July 29-August 2, 2013 at University of Delaware.

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