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The Department of Mathematics at University of Texas at Arlington will be hosting an NSF-CBMS Conference on Inverse Scattering and Transmission Eigenvalues during May 27-May 31, 2014 sponsored by the National Science Foundation. This conference will feature Unidel Professor David Colton of University of Delaware, who will deliver ten lectures on Inverse Scattering and Transmission Eigenvalues.

The CBMS lectures will be delivered in PKH 305 (room 305 in Pickard Hall). To arrive in PKH 305, please take the elevator to the third floor in Pickard Hall, and after getting off the elevator please make a right turn and walk along the corridor until you see room 305 on the left. Most of our noncommuting participants will be staying at the Kalpana Chawla Hall, indicated by KC on the campus map, which is just to the east of Pickard Hall. The noncommuting participants can directly walk to Pickard Hall by crossing the parking lot indicated as 47 on the campus map. With the appropriate prearrangments made, our volunteering graduate students in the organizing committee will meet the participants arriving by plane at their arrival airport and will bring them to the Kalpana Chawla Hall. Those participants who bring a car with them, unless they have a parking permit already, can pick up a parking permit from Ms. Cindy Rash when they check in at the Kalpana Chawla Hall upon their arrival on Monday, May 26. Alternatively, a parking permit can be obtained from Ms. Cindy Rash in PKH 305 on Tuesday, May 27. The permit allows the participants to park in the lots indicated as 47, 49, and 52 on the campus map.

The goal behind the inverse scattering problem is to extract information about an unknown object by probing it with waves at various energies and to determine its properties from the measurements on the scattered waves. The transmission eigenvalues correspond to those energies at which the scattering from the object is the same as the scattering as if the object is absent from the medium. The topic has important applications in electromagnetics, acoustics, medicine, and other areas. The conference will cover both the topic of determining transmission eigenvalues when the object properties are known and the topic of determining those properties when only the transmission eigenvalues are known.

The noncommuting participants are expected to arrive on May 26, 2014 and depart in the afternoon of May 31, 2014 (a flight departure of 2:00 pm or later). The nearest airport is the DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport), which is about 20 miles north of our campus.

To apply, please fill out the online application form and send us a brief vita/resume (a vita/resume is not needed if you are already an established researcher in the field). Graduate student applicants should also ask their advisors to send us a recommendation letter. The deadline for application (including the receipt of brief vita and a support letter if applicable) is March 16, 2014. The applicants selected for attendance will be contacted by April 1, 2014 or sooner and invited to register to attend the conference.

We plan to have all the participants eating all the meals together during which scientific interactions can continue, and we also plan to have an afternoon outing to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. Since the federal funds cannot be used to sponsor organized meals and outings and some other activities, there will be a registration fee of $300 to cover expenses that cannot be covered by the federal funds. To those applicants without their own funds, in case they are unable to secure the registration fee from their own institutions, we will provide some help with their registration fee.

More information on the conference will be available at this conference webpage, which will be updated regularly. The contact persons for this NSF-CBMS conference are Prof. Tuncay Aktosun (e-mail: and Ms. Cindy Rash (817-272-9121,

Tuncay Aktosun
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