Tuncay Aktosun

Professor of Mathematics
   Office Hours: TR 11:00 am-12:00 noon and by appointment
Department of Mathematics    Office: 461 Pickard Hall
University of Texas at Arlington    Phone: 817-272-1545
Arlington, TX 76019-0408    Fax: 817-272-5802
Email: aktosun@uta.edu        

Research Area:
Applied mathematics, Differential equations
Research Interests:
Inverse problems, Scattering, Wave propagation, Integrable nonlinear evolution equations
Applications in physics, materials science, biological sciences, and geophysics

Recent Teaching:
Math 3318: Differential Equations (Spring 2018)

Other Information:
2013 AMS Award to our department announcement (AMS Notices May 2013 issue)
UT Arlington Mathematics Department Wins AMS Exemplary Program Award (AMS Notices May 2013 issue)
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GAANN Fellowships in our Department
NSF Bridge-to-Math-Doctorate Program in our Department
GSMath: Gulf States Math Alliance
Second Annual GSMath Conference: February 23-25, 2018
The 2008 NSF-CBMS Conference on Radar Imaging (May 27-31, 2008)
The 2012 NSF-CBMS Conference on Computed Tomography (May 29-June 2, 2012)
The 2014 NSF-CBMS Conference on Inverse Scattering and Transmission Eigenvalues (May 27-May 31, 2014)
Inverse Problems and Applications (a public lecture for general audience)
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Tuncay Aktosun aktosun@uta.edu
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